Business Services and Software

ReCon Consultancy Ltd uses its deep industry knowledge and experience in the Retail, FMCG/CPG space to ensure that the business service proposals we present to the Major European Retail Groups, Brand Owners, Manufacturers and Distributors are perfectly aligned to current industry trends, requirements and expectations.

For our specialist business services suppliers (SaaS, analytics, supply chain, e-commerce, digital, cross channel, mobile, tech support software, Smart Home Initiatives, BPO/ITO and managed services) we ensure that you have full insight into the current challenges faced in the retail/FMCG/CPG space and cater your offering around that deep industry knowledge.                                                                      

We ensure the end-to-end proposal process is as cost effective and efficient as possible. We look therefore for partners with a particular focus on innovation who may well be (or feel) under-represented in the retail / CPG market or who wish to enter this market sector for the first time.

It is our opinion that providers of SaaS solutions and on-shore/offshore business services today have to move away from legacy thinking and leadership.

The winners in the next 1-3 years will be those who can reinvent business service initiatives.

We prefer to partner with organisations that have the desire and drive to be intuitive, innovative, look at new, higher profit contracts and be leaders in their field.

Our success has been based on the paradigm that we and our partners consult, think, act & create for clients.

Our product portfolio is intentionally selective and what we offer is a significant amount of resource in respect of sharing Retail/CPG knowledge.

For our selected partners we provide an unrivalled amount of exposure to the key C-Suite Executives of the major UK and mainland Europe retail and CPG/FMCG manufacturing groups.

By only working with select providers with innovative offerings are we are able to commit the resources necessary to make every proposal work.

One of our major advantages to any start up or company wishing to enter the European retail/CPG space for the first time is that we can work on very short contracts which will enable you gauge potential before signing up to any long term commitment.